International Peace Prize — 2020

International Peace Prize was established in 2020 by anti-war initiative "Give Peace a Chance" in the area of peace-keeping, resolution of conflicts, dialog facilitation, humanitarian activities for the benefit of war victims, anti-war and non-violent action art, peace education and promoting of humanistic values in art, culture and science.

The award is given in following categories:

  • Peace Guides — those who inspire us from the past
  • Peace Watch — those who have become our elders in the present
  • Peace Breeze — those who give us hope for the future

Russian Version

If you want peace, prepare for peace!

At the discretion of the organizing committee, the award might be given for outstanding achievements in current or previous years. The organizing committee is formed from representatives of civil organizations and initiatives.

Our principles

  • do not kill
  • do not torture
  • do not rape
  • do not incite hatred

If you want peace, prepare for peace!